Portfolio Files

Professional Work:

Need for Speed: Undercover (PlayStation Portable, 2008), Level Designer:

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, 2009), Level Designer:

Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt (Xbox 360, Wii, PC, 2010), Level/Mission Scripter:

School Work (created for my 2007 portfolio):

Unreal Tournament 2004 Maps:

The Cesspit (14.3 Mb) - A capture the flag map with interactive elements.

Triggerman (8.9 Mb) - A single player concept level.

Mesh and Texture Packages: The above maps require the following mesh and texture packages from the Unreal Tournament 2004 Editors' Choice Edition. If you do not already have them, please place the packages in your \unreal2004\staticmeshes\ and \unreal2004\textures directories.

Static Meshes: Construction_M.usx (3.6 Mb), PC_UrbanStatic.usx (3.2 Mb)
Textures: Construction_S.utx (29.5 Mb), PC_UrbanTex.utx (10.6 Mb)

Level Flythrough Documents:
Cesspit (43.5 kb doc), Triggerman (37.5 kb doc)

One Page Pitch Documents:

Bring It (27 kb doc)
Hearts & Minds (26.5 kb doc)
M.E.T.A. War (27 kb doc)
Next Dimension (26.5 kb doc)
Yesterday's Danger (26 kb doc)

Game Design Documents:

Yesterday's Danger (640 kb doc)

Foreign Soil (6.5 Mb pdf) - I wrote sections 4 through 5.4 concerning gameplay and designed the control scheme in section 9.


Foreign Soil Instruction Manual (17.9 Mb pdf) - Art by Azam Kotadia, some text by Lani Lum-Watson.