David Bradley


3457 West 34th Ave

Vancouver, BC

V6N 2K5
Cell: 778.836.9771



To obtain a position as a designer or level designer in the video game industry.


Software Skills

UDK/Unreal Engine 3

Infernal Engine

3ds Max


Unreal Engine 2.5

Dante Scripting


MS Office

Kismet Scripting





Design Experience

Jan 2008 - Jan 2010                               Level Designer Piranha Games

Vancouver, BC


Shipped Titles:

Need for Speed: Undercover


Shipped Nov 18, 2008

  Created and populated approximately one third of the game world.

  Carefully worked under the constraints of the PSP hardware.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

X360, PS3

Shipped June 23, 2009

  Worked as one of the primary designers/builders of one of the levels.

  Performed assorted level creation tasks on a number of other levels.

  Optimized the geometry of numerous assets for the PS3 build.

Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt

X360, Wii, PC

Release Date TBA

  Worked as a level/mission scripter using the Infernal Engine and Dante script.

  Collaborated closely with the software engineers and the level artists.

  Created the dangerous encounters as well as numerous spot challenges and minigames.


Other Work:

  Wrote and presented design and pitch documents for a AAA licensed title.


  Wrote and edited multiple sections of a design document for a title based on an original IP.

  Created cinematic scenes for a pitch video.

  Wrote multiple one page pitch documents.



2005                                                        Game Designer Geeks Without Pants Mod Team

Burnaby, BC                                         (Art Institute of Vancouver Burnaby)

Foreign Soil

Unreal Tournament 2004 Mod


  Wrote portions of the game design document including the gameplay and combat sections.

  Wrote and designed the layout of the instruction manual.

  Designed and tested the combat system, character statistics, and some of the in-game puzzles.



Graduated June 2007                           Art Institute of Vancouver - Burnaby

Burnaby, BC                                         Diploma of Game Art and Design

  Focus and specialization in game design.


  Production experience, primarily as a game designer, on a 12 person, 6 month Unreal Tournament 2004 mod project.


1999 - 2003                                             University of British Columbia

Vancouver, BC                                      B.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (incomplete)

  C++ programming experience.


  Training in technical writing.

  Part of a 5 person team for a 3 month research project and presentation.


  Elected into several different executive positions within university clubs.

  Multiple physics and electronics classes.



Other Experience

Feb 2007 Jan 2008                             Retail Employee Elfsar Comics & Toys

Vancouver, BC


May July 2004                                   Card Dealer Great Canadian Casinos

Vancouver, BC


Sept Dec 2003                                    Sales Representative Vector Marketing

Vancouver, BC


May Aug 2001                                  Summer Intern Stantec Consulting

Vancouver, BC



Available upon request.

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